Meet my clients

F.G. is a 74-year-old woman who had worked with a trainer in southern California for many years before finding herself in Pacific Grove during COVID-19. After months of doing little more than walking and using hand weights, she called me to get back in shape and lose the COVID weight she gained. In addition, she had a chronic knee issue that had plagued her for years and was limiting her mobility and function.

When we met, I analyzed her joint stability, strength and overall fitness taking into account her age, history and fitness goals. I carefully selected exercises that would strengthen and stabilize her joints. Working together three to five times a week, she progressed level by level improving her flexibility, joint stability and overall strength. Today, eight months later she is in amazing shape. She has lowered her blood pressure, blood sugar and weight, and created super strong joints. She’s improved her overall health, increased cardiovascular fitness, and best of all, her knees no longer bother her. She is now biologically younger than when she started working with me just months ago.

G.F. was 62 years old when he was referred to me by his physical therapist after knee replacement surgery. He was planning on retiring in a few years and had dreams of purchasing a motorhome and traveling the country.

Bob had spent the last few years taking care of his ailing wife who had since died. He was in horrible shape, had gained a lot of weight, and was nearly immobile after recovering from surgery. When I met him, he couldn’t walk around a grocery store without hanging on to the cart for dear life.

Today Bob has realized his dream of traveling in his motorhome. He can easily step up into it and move around comfortably in the tight space. He regularly walks for a mile or more and has the strength and flexibility to put his pants on without sitting down.

Ultimately due to a problem with the prosthetic, Bob had a second surgery. I helped him stay strong pre- and post-surgery enabling him to recover quickly. Nine months post-surgery, Bob has regained his strength and flexibility and is once again enjoying life in his motorhome.

(Rob) Manny was 55 when he found me nearly 20 years ago in 2002. His goal was to get in good enough shape to pursue his passion of racing vintage sports cars. When I met him at a local gym he was almost unapproachable. It was as if he had a dark cloud around him. He had poor posture with his head slumped forward and down and a pot belly that hung over his pants.

When I saw him, I knew I had my work cut out for me. I began slowly training him, initially giving him very simple exercises to allow his joints to keep up with the work his muscles were doing. As he built strength, stability and endurance I adjusted my training to further challenge and prepare him for the rigors of racing.

At 73 years young, Manny and I still work together as he continues to live his dream of racing vintage cars. His strength, endurance and overall fitness enable him to beat the pants off his fellow competitors, many of whom are younger than him. Although several of his early racing buddies have retired, Manny has maintained the stamina necessary to race and win.