We offer two paths: Group Fitness and Strength Training. Group Fitness is great for those looking to stay active and enjoy a variety of classes such as HIIT, cycling, and yoga. Strength Training is focused on enhancing muscle mass and mastering the skill of weight lifting. Broken into two levels, Strength Training is where the true transformation happens.

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Group Fitness Classes

Diverse Workouts

Focuses on cardio, flexibility, and movement

No Weights Needed

Achieves fitness goals through bodyweight exercises

Community Atmosphere

Stay engaged with a fun and motivating group

Designed for Everyone

Accessible to people of all fitness levels

Strength Training

Weight Training

Utilizes weights for strength, muscle, and endurance

Skill Progression

Emphasizes form, technique, and progressive overload


Ideal for measurable strength and fitness gains

Structured Tier Approach

Levels 1 & 2 designed for beginners and seasoned athletes

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