Therapeutic Massage

Discover the Power of Our Medicine Hands

Finally experience
relief from
chronic pain
Overcome barriers that
prevent you from using
your body properly
Address exercise technique
problems leading to faulty
movement patterns

Our Unique Method

We transcend the role of traditional massage therapists, identifying as dedicated bodyworkers committed to instigating lasting change rather than mere symptom management. Our focus lies in addressing the core issues, often originating from postural imbalances. Through meticulous analysis, we pinpoint and rectify unnoticed problems. By synergizing our techniques with the nervous system, primarily through inducing deep relaxation, we facilitate profound and enduring healing. This strategic approach, paired with scientific insights, informs our deliberate use of methodical, slow strokes, allowing for comprehensive brain and body relaxation to foster substantive transformation.

Intuitive & Healing Hands

Methodical Approach

Emotional Release

Signs that Therapeutic massage is for you





Needing an escape
from Life

Our Founder &
Head Body Worker

I'm Selina, the president of Fusion Fitness and a body worker with more than 21 years of experience, tailoring sessions to fit clients' needs. My focus is on proper technique, tissue release, and removing restrictions that hinder muscle use. My goal is to help clients heal and achieve their full potential.

Fusion Fitness Owner, trainer, and massage therapist - Selina Sabha

Ready To Start Healing?


Full Body


Problem Area

$175 $150 (cash discount)


Full Body


Problem Area

$230 $210 (cash discount)


Full Body


Problem Area

$330 $300 (cash discount)
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