A Tale of Two Knee Replacements: The Importance of Getting in Shape Before Surgery


Undergoing surgery, especially joint replacement procedures, is a significant step towards regaining one’s mobility and quality of life. However, the path to recovery can be dramatically different for individuals who invest in pre-surgery preparation compared to those who do not. In this article, we explore the journeys of two men in their seventies, John and Greg, who both received knee replacements but approached their preparations differently. The story highlights the vital importance of building muscle strength and joint stability before surgery, emphasizing the benefits of consulting with experienced trainers who specialize in working with populations preparing for joint replacement procedures.

John’s Proactive Approach

John, a man in his seventies, faced the prospect of a knee replacement surgery due to severe joint pain. Instead of passively waiting for the operation, he took a proactive approach to his health and fitness. Recognizing the significance of preparing his body for the surgery, John sought the guidance of a skilled personal trainer who had experience working with individuals preparing for joint replacements.

With the guidance of his trainer, John embarked on a carefully designed exercise regimen that focused on strengthening the muscles surrounding his affected knee and improving joint stability. These exercises were tailored to his specific needs, ensuring that they did not exacerbate his existing condition. Over the course of several weeks, John diligently followed his training program, gradually building strength and stability in his knee.

John’s Payoff

Eight weeks after his knee replacement surgery, John was already experiencing a remarkable transformation. He was feeling great, experiencing significantly reduced pain, and had regained a remarkable range of motion. By the 12-week mark, John was back to his normal activities, including enjoying a game of tennis, his favorite sport.

Greg’s Passive Approach

In contrast, Greg, another man in his seventies facing a knee replacement, took a more passive approach to his impending surgery. He believed that attempting to get in shape before the surgery would be challenging and possibly burdensome given the limitations of his knee. Consequently, he did not seek out the guidance of a skilled personal trainer and chose to wait until after the surgery to address his joint and muscle issues.

Greg’s post-surgery experience was markedly different, and while he underwent the same procedure, his recovery was far more challenging and painful. Greg had to work tirelessly to regain the strength and stability he should have developed before the surgery. Even after 8 weeks, he was still in significant pain and could not resume his normal activities. At the 12-week mark, Greg was still unable to play tennis, something he loved dearly. It took Greg much longer to get back to his favorite game.

John and Greg’s contrasting experiences underscore the importance of building muscle strength and joint stability before undergoing surgery, especially procedures like joint replacements. Pre-surgery preparation not only accelerates the recovery process but also significantly reduces post-operative pain and discomfort. Consulting with experienced trainers who specialize in working with populations preparing for joint replacement procedures, like the team at Fusion Fitness, can make all the difference in achieving successful outcomes.

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