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Working with a Personal Trainer is the best way
to get in shape and feel better.

Working with a skilled Personal Trainer helps you by removing common obstacles such as not understanding how to use equipment or free weights, suffering from lack of motivation or fear of working out due to past injuries or simply just don’t know how to start! Working with a professional is the best way to overcome all these issues and more, like hiring a contractor to do your remodel. You wouldn’t treat your house to anything less than the best, why do it with your most important asset…YOUR BODY!

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to Fitness

Highly skilled and knowledgeable Personal Training with a focus on healing and optimizing YOUR body

Certified In Clinical Massage
& Personal Training

Over 20 years of experience with many 5-star reviews.

We've improved the
live of 1000's of

Proudly serving the Monterey Peninsula for 16 years and counting!

Classes Flexible hours to fit
your schedule with group
and individual fitness

We aim to provide a sustainable fitness regime for life!

Centrally located For your

On the border of Monterey and Pacific Grove, we are central to most Peninsula communities


The perfect blend of cardio, strength training, nutrition, positive energy, we really care that our clients receive the best instruction and support!


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    • Cycling Class
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$50.00 PER half/hr SESSION

  • Specific Guided Exercise Instruction
  • Weight Loss
  • Post Rehab Therapy
  • Personalized Training Plan
  • Discount Packages Available


Fusion Group
Training System

Membership Includes:

  • Strength Training (SGPT)
  • BodyCombat
  • Cycling Classes
  • Group Motivation and Accountability
  • Camaraderie and Support!

12 week

Jump start program

$ 1150 now only $999.
You get:

  • Intake and Initial Assessment Session – 1 hr
  • 20 x Half Hour, One on One Sessions with the Peninsula’s Premiere 5-Star Trainer
  • Cardio Membership to supplement your training to include HIIT, BodyCombat and Cycling classes.
  • Personalized attention, nutritional counseling, exercise instruction and guidance to fit your individual needs and specific body issues.
  • Coaching, motivation, accountability and a trainer and gym that really cares!!!

Client Testimonials

Why Work With A
Personal Trainer Or
Massage Therapist?

So many people want to get in shape but are prevented from reaching their fitness goals for various reasons: past injuries, uncertainty about technique or equipment, lack of motivation or not knowing how to progress properly. Some or all of these reasons could be to blame!

Working with a personal trainer removes the barriers, showing you how to reach your goals safely and give you the needed motivation to do so. Selina Sahba, and her team can create an individualized program that gives you the tools and motivation to reach your fitness goals while building healthy lifelong habits.

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  • Want to get in shape but dont know how to start
  • Are bored with your workouts and need help bringing new techniques and energy into your workout regimen
  • Have stopped getting results and need help to reach the next level
  • Have a history of injury and want to get stronger without risking injury
  • Want to train to improve performance in a specific sport such as tennis, running or golf