Foam Rolling Workshopfusion Fitness

Learn How to Use This Important Tool

Ever wanted a way to work out all those pesky knots and muscle tension on your own? Physical therapists and athletesalike recommend this versatile tool to help melt away everyday aches and pains and treat chronic pain syndromes but the questions is: How to Use it? Effectively? In this interactive and informative workshop, you’ll learn how to make the most of this tool!

Selina Sahba is the owner of Fusion Fitness. A Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, herfocus of posture correction and injury prevention in the gym helps maximizes results at any age!

Learn How to Manage Pain, Drug Free!

1.5 Hr Demonstrative Session with Selina Sahba, CPT, CMT

Heal Your Body!

Beginners Welcome!

$25 Use ours or bring your own!

  • “TECH-NECK”: How your devices are killing your posture & creating neck/shoulder pain and what to do about it!
  • FIX YOUR WORKOUT! Part 1 in our “FIX YOUR PAIN” series. Why your workout is killing your neck and/or shoulders or why you think you cant workout due to pain. Let Selina, the Exercise Doctor break it down for you and make sense of how the gym can FIX YOUR BODY and make the most of each upper body workout!