Posted on: October 30, 2020   Category: Fusion Fitness   Author: Lance Mercer

If the muscles surrounding your knees aren’t strong your knees are going to hurt. If your knees are out of condition or are carrying additional weight they will likely hurt. This is especially noticeable when walking down hill or descending steps because the downward movement increases the pressure on your knees sevenfold.

What’s the answer? Exercise! That’s right, you have to exercise your way out of the pain. And, it can’t just be any exercise but rather specific exercises that strengthen your quads, glutes, hamstring and hip muscles. Strengthening these muscles increases lateral stability. A well-rounded exercise routine focuses on both concentric movement, the upward swing/positive stroke, as well as eccentric movement, or downward/negative stroke. The No. 1 mistake I see people in the gym making is not working what is perceived as the easy, downward part of the exercise. Rather they rely on an assist from gravity on the down stroke essentially wasting 50% of every workout.

Knees take an enormous amount of abuse as they are compressed by bones from above and below. Strong muscles and the lateral stability that come with them help the knees withstand stress and the pain associated with it. Working the negative increases muscular development, reduces the chances of injury and diminishes joint pain especially under pressure.

If you are ready to give your aching knees a break, meet me in the gym. I will devise a personal fitness plan that reduces joint pain and stiffness and increases overall mobility. One-on-one coaching and outdoor classes are currently available six days a week. Call or text us to get started: 831-236-6199.


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