Posted on: October 30, 2020   Category: Fusion Fitness   Author: Lance Mercer

Not a week goes by without someone asking me, “How many reps are best?” My response is, “It depends. What are you trying to achieve?”

The truth is there is no such thing as the perfect number of reps when lifting weights. It depends on a number of factors including your goal, the amount of weight you are lifting and how long you’ve been working out. With a periodized program you choose a certain number of reps for a specific outcome.

You want to work in all rep ranges since each is geared with a different outcome in mind. For muscular strength 15 to 20 repetitions are about right. If you want to improve muscle tone or definition, (hypertrophy), 12 to 15 times is a good choice. And, to build power and strength, six to eight reps make sense. As you increase the weight, you decrease the number of times you lift it. Your goal is to take each set to fatigue. The general rule of thumb is that whatever your goal, lift until it gets hard, then do three more. It is only when you overload the muscles that change happens. You have to feel the burn then power through a few more reps to achieve the results you seek.

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